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Vein Treatment Services in St. Louis: Spider & Varicose Vein Treatments
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Vascular Testing at Midwest Vein Care in St. Louis

Midwest Vein Care is one of the most experienced vein care centers in St. Louis. Our facility utilizes advanced medical equipment to study, assess, and treat venous problems such as varicose and spider veins.

We offer a number of treatment options to remove superficial veins from the legs, chest, hands, and face. Our treatments options include both surgical and non-invasive techniques such as transcutaneous laser vein removal, intense pulsed light, radio frequency technology, liquid and foam sclerotherapy and more. The treatment of varicose and spider veins often begins with vascular testing. Vascular testing allows us to better understand your vein problem and determine the best course of treatment for you.

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How Does Vascular Testing Work?

Ulrasound Vascular Testing & Vein Treatment in St. Louis

In vascular testing, a detailed ultrasound scan of the lower extremity venous system is conducted by an ultrasonographer. For varicose vein treatment, this scan is usually conducted on the superficial and deep systems of the lower extremities of your body, as varicose veins are most often found on the legs. With the data received from this scan, we can customize a treatment plan specifically for your condition.

Vascular testing is performed with a machine called Color Flow Duplex (Doppler) Ultrasound. Using this technology, we can map varicose veins and understand the venous function in the affected area.

The process begins with a targeted venous history and physical exam. At this time, we will learn about previous treatments, significant signs, and symptoms of varicose and spider veins, family history, blood clotting tendencies, previous leg injuries, and the total extent of your current vein status. To confirm the diagnosis, the Duplex Ultrasound is often done, with exam time for both legs under one hour.

The Duplex Ultrasound generates high frequency sound waves that are directed to the affected region through a probe. When these waves reflect off the tissues, an image is produced on a monitor. The images show the structure of the veins (size, distribution, and shape) and the direction and rate of blood flow inside these veins. Ultrasound venous testing is painless, non-invasive, safe, and usually covered by most insurance companies.

During the course of vascular testing, the ultrasound will also demonstrate whether or not the venous valves are competent, allowing for normal antegrade venous blood return to the heart. In normal veins, the blood is always moved upwards by the muscles of the leg, even while standing, secondary to the working venous valves. Varicose veins are caused when the leaflet valves stop working properly and blood begins to flow backwards, towards the feet. Another benefit of vascular testing is to help the physician or the ultrasonographer determine if blood clots are present and whether the veins have abnormally narrowed.

Vascular Testing & St. Louis Vein Treatments

The Benefits of Vascular Testing and How We Can Help

Varicose veins can develop due to a number of reasons such as heredity, sitting or standing for too long, obesity, trauma, and pregnancy. Varicose veins are often unsightly, may cause pain if left untreated, and can become medical problems. Varicose veins can be treated through a number of minimally invasive options such as radio frequency ablation, endovenous laser ablation, liquid and foam sclerotherapy, and laser treatment.

Midwest Vein Care is a state of the art facility, containing advanced technology supported by a highly trained staff. With the utilization of non-invasive vascular testing, we can determine (in our Chesterfield office) if the varicose veins are symptomatic of any underlying larger vein problem. With this comprehensive information about your vein status, we can develop the best treatment plan for your condition.

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Our world-class vascular testing equipment helps us diagnose venous vascular problems accurately. To learn more about varicose vein testing, varicose veins, and what treatments are available, please call us at 636-536-0241. As vascular testing and vein treatment experts, we can provide all the information you need to make an informed decision about vein care.

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