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Laser Hair Removal Procedures in St. Louis
Benefits and Costs

Cosmetic skin care has evolved significantly over the last decade, and more and more people are opting for skincare procedures that allow them to retain their youthful looks. Hair removal is an area that has also grown in popularity over the last several years. This is because of a huge market of people with areas of undesired hair,  increased understanding and quality of high tech laser equipment  as well as the fact that laser hair removal costs have fallen greatly allowing more individuals to afford the procedure. Laser hair removal costs can vary depending on the scale of the procedure and the number of treatments required.

Laser Hair Removal in St. Louis: Before & After

At Midwest Vein Care, we specialize in providing  laser hair removal treatments as well as other cosmetic treatments such as tattoo removal, facial rejuvenation and a host of other cosmetic and anti aging skin treatment services. In fact, we were the very first medical facility to have laser hair removal technology in the state of Missouri… we began doing laser hair removal in 1996.  Our friendly staff has extensive experience in performing laser hair removal procedures. If you are considering undergoing laser hair removal treatment, our specialists can educate you about these treatments and the laser hair removal costs that you can expect.

To learn more about laser hair removal costs or to schedule a consultation, contact us at 636-536-0241.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits and Cost

While some skincare procedures can be extremely costly, and are therefore out of reach for some individuals, laser hair removal costs have been driven down in recent years. This has made the treatments more affordable for a larger population.

Laser hair removal treatment is far more effective than other hair removal techniques such as shaving, waxing or tweezing as this offers a permanent and lasting solution for the reduction of unwanted hair. By considering this and some of the additional benefits of laser hair removal treatment, many individuals find that laser hair removal costs are greatly outweighed by the benefits.  The result of laser hair reduction is long lasting smooth and hair free skin unlike any other treatment option.

Laser Hair Removal Services in St. Louis

Laser hair removal costs will vary based on the particular area and size of treatment you desire. For example, larger areas such as the legs or back will take significantly longer and, therefore, be more expensive than small areas such as the upper lip, neck, or underarms. Another factor that is involved in determining laser hair removal costs is the number of visits required. Most laser hair removal treatment procedures will require multiple sessions done in a timing sequence in order to ensure permanent hair reduction. Our experts will let you know how many visits will likely be required to achieve the desired results in any area of your body.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

During the laser hair removal process, the pigments present in hair follicles absorb a high-intensity light of a particular wavelength. This causes an accumulation of heat that will disable and destroy the growth center of the hair follicle. With multiple treatments, the laser will actually destroy each of the individual roots keeping the vast majority of hair from growing back.

There is a significant level of precision and judgment involved in laser hair removal treatments. It is important to assess the skin type, hair color, and coarseness to most accurately determine the optimum treatment parameters and timing. Our professionals will use lasers to target particular areas on the body perfectly, without damaging the surrounding skin.

Learn More About Laser Hair Removal at Midwest Vein Care

At Midwest Vein Care, you will meet some of the top cosmetic skincare professionals in Missouri ready to answer any questions you may have with regard to laser hair removal treatment or laser hair removal costs. We will answer any questions and assure you service of unparalleled quality. Call us at Midwest Vein Care to learn more about the various laser hair removal options and to make a consult with our experts to determine your treatment plan and cost.

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