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Varicose Vein Removal with Microincisional Phlebectomy

The literal meaning of the word phlebectomy is vein removal. Therefore, microincisional phlebectomy is varicose vein removal through the use of tiny incisions. This varicose vein removal technique is used to remove clusters of large varicose veins. The procedure is also referred to as microphlebectomy. Microincisional phlebectomy can be used alone or it is often combined with another technique called endovenous ablation to remove lumpy varicose veins.

Midwest Vein Care offers this varicose vein removal procedure at its St. Louis facility. We are one of the best and most experienced vein care centers in the St. Louis area. To learn more about varicose vein removal using this or other techniques, call us at 636-536-0241.

How is Varicose Vein Removal Performed Through Microincisional Phlebectomy?

Varicose Vein Removal in St. Louis: Microincisional Phlebectomy

Before microincisional phlebectomy was introduced, surgical vein removal was a more complicated procedure called vein stripping that had to be performed under general anesthesia. This complex varicose vein removal procedure often left scars and had a long recovery time. However, the process of microincisional phlebectomy has simplified this process. This vein removal procedure is relatively quick and much easier on the patient. Additionally, only local anesthesia is required before the phlebologist begins varicose vein removal in the office setting.

In this modern varicose vein removal technique, after the vein to be removed has been mapped and marked, small incisions the size of the tip of a ball point pen are made on the skin above the veins. A surgical hook is inserted into the puncture holes and the vein is secured. The hooks are then used to pull out the vein, which is cut off and removed. The incisions are closed with surgical tape and will heal in a few days. Any part of the vein that is left inside will clot off, and the remaining vein segment will eventually be reabsorbed by the surrounding tissue.

For twenty-four hours after this varicose vein removal procedure, you will have to wear a compression bandage. For ten days after, you will need to wear gradient compression medical stockings. This will minimize discomfort and swelling,… allowing the area to properly heal.

Normal activity can be resumed in just twenty-four hours. Note that you should not take part in any strenuous activity for two weeks after you have undergone microincisional phlebectomy.

Since most medical health insurance companies consider microincisional phlebectomy as a medical necessity, this procedure is often covered by insurance. If you have medical insurance and it covers this varicose vein removal procedure, Midwest Vein Care can help you file an insurance claim.

What Are the Advantages of Microincisional Phlebectomy?

Varicose Vein Removal in St. Louis: Before & After Photo

Varicose vein removal through microincisional phlebectomy has many advantages. For example:

  • The incisions are very small (1 mm across) and do not need sutures.
  • Microincisional phlebectomy will instantly resolve your varicose veins issues and symptoms such as bulges and pain.
  • Microincisional phlebectomy is a good alternative to the laborious and often complex surgical treatments previously used.
  • Though redness or hyper-pigmentation (discoloration) may occur, these are temporary and your physician will be able to treat it easily.
  • In most cases, local anesthesia will suffice.
  • The small cuts will eventually heal into tiny scars that are barely visible.
  • Most patients who go in for varicose vein removal through microincisional phlebectomy will not need pain medication.
  • Unlike classic vein stripping where the vein was removed surgically in large segments through large incisions, this technique leads to virtually no side effects or scarring. The procedure is minimally invasive and is performed as an outpatient procedure.

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Midwest Vein Care has the latest equipment and highly trained doctors and technicians who can deliver superior varicose vein removal services. To learn more about varicose vein removal in St. Louis contact Midwest Vein Care at 636-536-0241. Our staff can give you all the information you need about varicose vein removal through microincisional phlebectomy and help you determine if this procedure is the right choice for you.

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