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What Are Spider Veins & How Are They Treated

What are Spider Veins - St. Louis Vein Treatment

Have you noticed unusual clusters of colorful superficial veins on different parts of your body? If so, you may be suffering from a vascular condition known as spider veins. While the condition does not usually have serious medical implications, it can be very unsightly and cause emotional pain and embarrassment to the individual. The medical term for these small superficial abnormal veins is telangiectasias, and while they are usually cosmetic only, they can sometimes be symptomatic with pain or itching, and may bleed or even be the sign of underlying larger vein problems. If you are suffering from this condition, it is important to learn the answers to some common questions, including what are spider veins, how do they come about, and how can they be treated.

Midwest Vein Care is a premier vascular treatment center located in Chesterfield, MO. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and have established ourselves among the top vein care specialists in the St. Louis region. With cutting edge technology and highly experienced medical professionals, Midwest Vein Care is dedicated to providing vein treatment of the highest caliber. We have worked to create an atmosphere that is friendly and comforting to our patients.

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What are Spider Veins?

What Are Spider Veins & Treatments

Spider veins are medically called telangiectasias. They are abnormally dilated small and tiny veins that are located superficially in the upper layers of the skin. Spider veins can vary from red to purple in color and are found in individual linear form, arborized as a tree, or from a central point with arms like a “spider”. They are extremely prevalent and found on the lower extremities as well as the face and other body parts. Spider veins are more common in women and can appear at any age. It is in fact true that spider veins are abnormally dilated veins and hence are “small” varicose veins. Learning what spider veins are is important in order to identify the condition and find the best possible solution to removing these unsightly veins.

The return of deoxygenated blood to the heart is by way of the venous system. The venous system is much like a tree… elaborately branching and returning blood from the tiniest of veins to increasingly large and central or trunk veins. The appearance of small or spider veins on the legs may be simply local and cosmetic… or may be part of the larger veins becoming abnormal and manifesting in the dilatation of smaller veins as well. At Midwest Vein Care, we will quickly determine whether your spider veins are isolated to a cosmetic concern or whether larger, deeper veins are also involved.

What are spider veins caused by? What factors affect spider vein development? At Midwest Vein Care, you will discuss these issues in depth during a personal consultation with a vein expert. Understanding the nature and cause of spider veins will help make the treatment course more effective and safe.

What are Spider Veins
  • It is believed that there is a genetic factor in the development of spider veins. A very common tendency exists for the wall of the small veins to become a bit weaker in some places at certain times. This tendency is extremely common… as in fact most people will develop spider veins at some point in their lifetime.
  • The most significant exacerbating factor of the inherited tendency to develop spider veins is gravity. When the human is standing erect… the venous blood in the lower extremities must travel uphill against gravity to return to the heart. This against gravity path of travel will result in increased intravenous pressure against the weakened vein walls… resulting in the abnormal stretching or dilatation, and the result is spidery abnormal veins.
  • As time and decades go by… the individual is more likely to develop spider and varicose veins. This effect of aging is related to weakening of the wall and vein structure with time, as well as more time exposed to gravity.
  • Pregnancy is a significant stress on the venous tree of the lower extremities. During the pregnant state the female hormonal balance changes, as well as the weight and fluid balance of the pregnant woman. During the third trimester there is also the enlarging fetus pressing against the lower pelvic floor… putting an outflow obstruction and increased pressure in the leg veins.
  • Deep venous clotting or DVT can result in a condition known as post-phlebitic syndrome… resulting in abnormal venous flow and resultant varicose and spider veins.
  • Obesity and a lack of movement have also been identified as contributory factors of spider veins. Excess weight causes an increased pressure on an individual’s veins. Standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time means that your veins will need to work extra to move blood from your lower body to your heart.
  • Some research indicates that increased exposure to the sun can cause spider veins on the facial area as well.

What are Spider Vein Treatment Options?

While spider veins do not usually have any serious medical consequences, they are generally unsightly, and therefore many individuals choose to have their spider veins treated. There are number of different options available for treating spider veins. These range from sclerotherapy to laser vein treatment. Each type of spider vein treatment has different advantages and considerations that should be evaluated prior to choosing the best treatment option. At Midwest Vein Care, we can answer your questions about spider vein treatment options and help you determine the best choice for treatment.

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Learn More About Spider Veins and Spider Vein Solutions at Midwest Vein Care

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