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Facials: Professional Facial Rejuvenation Treatments in St. Louis

Facial rejuvenation is one of the most common cosmetic treatments performed in the United States. While cosmetic clinics and salons often view facials as opportunities to pamper their clients, facials also have the dual benefit of refreshing and renewing the skin. Individuals, who indulge in facial rejuvenation techniques, often remark at how treatments can help improve the look and feel of their skin while leaving them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. If you are looking for an opportunity to relax and pamper yourself, as well as improve your appearance… facial rejuvenation may be ideal for you.

Midwest Vein Care, located in St. Louis, Missouri, is an elite cosmetic skin care and vein treatment center. We are specialists in performing a multitude of skincare treatments including different kinds of facial rejuvenation treatments. With years of experience and expertise, we are always seeking to provide our patients with the newest and best skincare treatments.

To learn more about the types of facials and facial rejuvenation treatments that we offer, contact our office at 636-536-0241.

Facial Rejuvenation: Facials & Skincare Treatment in St. Louis

Types of Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Facials vary in terms of what substances and techniques are used, as well as the particular style of the skin care provider. Our skin care experts will evaluate your skin care concerns in an in-depth consultation, determining the best approach to your treatment. Our menu includes a number of different skin treatment techniques and combinations, each providing significant benefits to your facial skin:

  • Cleansing/relaxing:   We offer a number of cleansing, steaming, extraction, massage, facial skin treatments… including a basic facial as well as facial for the pregnant mother to be, acne type skin, and the sun damaged male.
  • Chemical exfoliation: Exfoliation is a process that involves the removal of dead skin cells from the surface layer of an individual’s skin. This is accomplished using a number of different chemical peel solutions in unique layered techniques… resulting in fresher, younger, and brighter looking skin.
  • Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliating technique utilizing a diamond encrusted wand to gently sweep off the upper layers of the skin.  This will remove dead skin cells and debris collected in the clogged pores, resulting in brighter, smoother skin with smaller pore size and more even color and texture.
  • Masks: Facial masks make use of different natural substances including enzymes, to help in the process of opening skin pores, deep-cleansing, improving pigmentation levels, healing blemishes and scars, and generally improving the health and appearance of an individual’s skin.
  • Massage: Facial massage provides stress relieving relaxation, as well as stimulates the facial circulation and collagen producing skin layer

Benefits of Facials & Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Facial Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Skincare Treatments in St. Louis

Achieving and maintaining beautiful skin is a challenging process that requires a combination of good diet, hydration, stress reduction, sun block as well as excellent skin treatment and products. Facial skin treatments allow for a relaxing and effective way to work towards improved facial skin and appearance… in the office with no downtime. Regardless of what facial rejuvenation technique you opt for, you will certainly experience a great variety of benefits.

Some of the many benefits of cosmetic facial rejuvenation procedures include:

  • Facial procedures are used to improve the health and appearance of the skin. The many techniques include deep cleansing, steaming, extractions, massage, and chemical and mechanical exfoliation. By removing the upper dead layers of the skin, we stimulate the production of fresh, new skin cells… as well as collagen in the deeper skin layers. The result will be an immediate fresh, firm, glowing skin appearance. Over time and consistent facial treatment techniques, the facial skin will become firmer, brighter, and healthier.
  • Most facial rejuvenation techniques are also designed to increase blood circulation in the facial area. Increasing blood circulation and consequently oxygen uptake, makes the skin glow by providing adequate nutrients to skin cells. Cell health improves greatly, which translates to firmer and healthier skin.
  • Facial rejuvenation can also have many emotional and psychological benefits. Most procedures are designed to relax patients through soothing massages and creams. Aromatherapy oils with calming fragrances are also commonly used. Therefore, facials are effective ways to relieve stress and relax the mind.
  • While we have yet to discover a cure for the aging process, facial rejuvenation techniques are known to slow the process by stimulating cell growth and health. Increased blood flow and oxygen supply to cells ensure that important proteins like collagen are continually produced. Individuals who get regular facials can benefit from healthier skin in the long run. We like to call it youthful aging!

Contact Midwest Vein Care for All Your Facial Rejuvenation Needs

At Midwest Vein Care, we offer a variety of cosmetic facial rejuvenation procedures. As a leading cosmetic skin care center in St. Louis, we ensure that all of our treatments are designed keeping the comfort and needs of our patients in mind. Call us today at 636-536-0241 to learn more about our facial rejuvenation treatment options and to set an appointment to pamper yourself with our exceptional treatments.

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