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VeinGogh: A Revolutionary Treatment for Spider Veins

Skeptical about traditional vein treatments? Tried laser and sclerotherapy sessions that are just not giving you the results you desire? What options do you have left? The VeinGogh system is a revolutionary spider vein treatment option. If you have undergone other vein treatment options without success or you are simply looking for the newest spider vein treatment option, VeinGogh may be the best choice for you.

Midwest Vein Care is one of the few vein care centers in the St. Louis area that owns a VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolyis System, an advanced machine that can treat and remove recalcitrant spider veins that other treatments could not.  This machine is used to treat spider veins on the face, legs, or anywhere else on the body.

If you want to know more about Midwest Vein Care and the VeinGogh vein treatment option, call us at 636-536-0241.

What is the VeinGogh Treatment?

Spider veins are small abnormally dilated veins close to the surface of the skin. The most popular treatments for spider veins are either laser treatments that expose the vein to focused light or sclerotherapy, which involves an injection of sclerosing foam or liquid directly into the vein. The former will cause the vein to heat and seal off. The latter chemically irritates the lumen of the vein causing it to collapse.

VeinGogh Treatments: Vein Treatment in St. Louis

Some people are averse to sclerotherapy because needles and injections are involved. Others do not want to undergo laser treatment because the laser spot size will treat a large area, whereas spider veins are small. Therefore, the treatment can be overkill.  Some wanting laser treatment are not candidates secondary to tan or dark complected skin, or do not want sclerotherapy secondary to the resultant bruising that accompanies the injection treatment. Additionally, for some others, these traditional spider vein treatment options were simply less than totally effective. The efficacy of any of these the treatment options depends on the skin type, the number of sessions completed, and of course the skill of the provider. For most, these treatments will work very well, but in some people, there can be resistance.

The VeinGogh system is a superior system developed to treat spider veins. The VeinGogh machine heats the dermal vasculature in a controlled way. There is little discomfort and the tissue surrounding the spider veins show no visible damage. During the VeinGogh treatment, heat is delivered through a insulated, hair thin probe and the vein is quickly thermocoagulated through high impedance electrical resistive heating.

Advantages of the VeinGogh Treatment

VeinGogh Treatments: Vein Treatment Before & After Photo

VeinGogh treatment has several advantages over conventional spider vein treatments. For example:

  • The VeinGogh machine delivers heat precisely. There is no visible damage to the neighboring tissue, and the patient feels considerably less discomfort or pain.
  • The VeinGogh machine can be used on any type of skin anywhere on the body, and it will give the same result.  A darker skin type or tan skin will not be a contraindication to treatment.
  • This machine is a reliable and efficient way to treat spider veins. If you have tried other treatments and they have not worked, then VeinGogh treatment is an ideal option.
  • The VeinGogh machine reduces downtime and the time taken to heal. Therefore, you can return to work and your daily routine quickly. Because there is no significant bruising after VeinGogh treatment, it is an ideal option for the treatment of unwanted tiny facial veins.
  • The skin is not punctured during treatment with the VeinGogh machine, unlike with sclerotherapy.
  • VeinGogh is an excellent option for the treatment of very tiny or matted/blushed veins that can be the resistant residual veins after traditional sclerotherapy.

Contact Us to Learn More About Spider Vein Treatment with the VeinGogh

At Midwest Vein Care, we take a care driven approach to treating our patients. We listen to our patient's concerns, evaluate their problems, educate them about the available treatments, and then finally design a customized treatment plan.

Our VeinGogh machine is one of the best and most reliable options for spider vein treatment. To learn more about treating spider veins using this technology and to receive a personalized consultation, call us today at 636-536-0241.

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